A calming, comfortable bed—the kind that makes you feel like you're floating on a cloud, or tucked in at your favorite hotel—starts with luxe layers.

But how do you distinguish one layer from the next? Which pieces will work together to provide the most restful night's sleep? And which will give your space a stylish, tidy, and inviting look every day? Read on to get schooled in the elements of a well-dressed bed!


Mattress Pad

Protect your investment in a quality mattress with this essential layer. We like a 300 thread count soft Tencel cover for a comfortable foundation.


Bed Skirt or Box Spring Cover

Depending on your mattress and bed frame style, a bed skirt or box spring cover can provide a clean base to build on.


Sheets: Flat, Fitted and Pillowcases

Sheeting is a hygienic, easy to wash barrier between your body and other bedding. But that doesn’t mean it should be boring or basic! A high quality set will last for years and really does make a difference in how restful your bed can be.
Thread count—the number of threads per one square inch of sheeting—is an important factor, of course. But while you might associate a higher thread count with a better quality sheet, two equally important factors are the quality of yarn and the technique used to weave the thread. Typically, the longer the staple, the finer the yarn. Egyptian cotton has the longest staple and is generally regarded as the world’s finest cotton. Finer yarns allow for more threads to be woven tightly within a square inch, which is where the high thread counts usually come from. But beware of sheets that advertise a high thread count while using thicker yarn. Weaving those thicker threads together will likely result in a lumpy, unpleasant sheet.
For a relaxing, “cloud-like” feeling, it's hard to beat a beautiful white sheet. But with so many colors, patterns, and embroidery options available, there’s a sheet to suit any sleep style.



You might see the term “blanket” applied to almost any bed covering that’s thicker than a sheet—including quilts, duvets, and comforters. But most often, the term applies to either light cotton or down fabrications, layered between the flat sheet and a decorative top layer. This piece is more about additional warmth, less about style. Blankets usually drape over the sides of the bed.


Duvet and Duvet Cover

Made from sheeting material, the duvet cover is a decorative, protective covering for an insert—the duvet—that comes in a wide range of weights and fillings including duck, down, and down-alternative.

A duvet cover may be layered over a quilt or blanket, folded neatly at the foot of the bed or pulled all the way up, as an extra layer of warmth. Duvets hang down the sides of the bed to cover the box spring; they are never tucked in.
Making a bed for a child? Consider a fun duvet cover without any other layers! When used on their own, duvets can reduce the complexity of making the bed while providing a tidy look.



Quilts are comprised of three layers—two layers of fabric with batting in between—stitched together, often with a decorative design. They are thinner than duvets, but also more dense, resulting in a somewhat heavier feel atop the body. Luxury quilts can be used solo over a flat sheet, layered over a blanket, or under a duvet cover.



Coverlets offer the look of quilts without batting in between layers, for a lighter shot of warmth and style. They are comprised of one layer of fabric, woven to mimic a quilted look with fabrications like piqué and matelassé woven on a jacquard loom, resulting in an all over texture. Coverlets hang down a few inches past the box spring, but don’t touch the floor. They can be tucked in or left untucked if edged with decorative trim. Coverlets can be layered directly over a flat sheet or over a blanket.  



The right pillow can be the difference between a great night’s sleep and a night of tossing and turning and watching the clock. Go for pillows of the highest, cushiest down or down alternative quality. No one ever regretted investing in a great pillow!  



Give your bed depth, texture, and a luxe feel with decorative shams. They are available in a wide variety of fabricationsfrom sheeting to quilted and embroidered options—and sizes. 


Finishing Touches

Add style and seasonality to your sanctuary with decorative pillows, a textured throw at the foot of your bed, the soft glow of a table lamp, or your favorite fragrant candle or diffuser.