Since 1979

Mason Jones is your source for inspiring gifts, tableware, home decor, linens, rugs, fine stationery and invitations, and gift registry in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


We strive to delight each of our clients with personal service, brilliant design, and beautifully crafted lifestyle products. We are passionate, dedicated, collaborative, and fun-loving. We believe in the Golden Rule. Our minds are open. We are always searching for ways to create a unique, inspiring, and valuable experience for our clients and partners. At Mason Jones, it's personal!


1979: Margy Jones opens a tiny stationery shop in East Grand Rapids. Anticipating expansion into diverse product lines such as pens or candy, she cleverly brands the store Papers Plus.

1984: Papers Plus introduces a small line of colorful cotton totes produced by a new Indiana company. Mass hysteria and fainting ensue as customers swoon over Vera Bradley.

1990: Margy’s daughter, PK Mason, returns to GR after ten years as west coast landscape architect.  Mother-daughter retail dream team is born. Neiman Marcus shudders.

1995: Customers stalk our UPS driver in search of rare Princess Di beanie babies. Trench-coated man spotted stealing Punches the Lobster. It’s a child’s toy!

2002: Stalwart local department store, Jacobson’s closes. Flustered locals turn to Papers Plus seeking respite. Store shelves collapse under weight of burgeoning giftware and tabletop lines. Brides delirious over Juliska, Simon Pearce, Vietri … definitely more Plus than Paper.

2007: Passing newcomer heard mumbling to friend, “Papers Plus ... is it a scrapbooking store?”

2011: Newlyweds William and Kate visit America. Kate overheard sighing, “We would have registered here had we known you were so much more than paper!” Margy and PK moan, “We’ve GOT to change the name!” and make half-hearted attempt to rebrand as Mason Jones. Customers scratch collective heads.

2010-16: PK’s daughter, Katie, develops massive quadriceps living in tiny 6th floor walk-up while working at Whitney and Cooper Hewitt museums in NYC. Graphic design career blossoms. Thighs return to normal as income and move to Chicago support upgrade to elevator building. Katie fields multiple daily phone queries from mother and grandmother regarding graphic design, technology, and social media challenges.

2017: Katie lured home to Grand Rapids as visions of a three-generation retail dynasty dance in our heads.  The store is immediately re-branded, moved to GR’s retail hotspot at Breton Village, and Mason Jones is born!

Mason Jones Gives Back

Since 1979, Mason Jones has supported the non-profit community in West Michigan and beyond. Our events, donations, and contributions have raised over $100,000 to date.

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