We strive to delight each of our clients with personal service, brilliant design, and beautifully crafted lifestyle products. We are passionate, dedicated, collaborative, and fun-loving.  We believe in the Golden Rule.  Our minds are open; we are always searching for ways to create a unique, inspiring, and valuable experience for our clients and partners. At Mason Jones, it's personal!



1979: Margy Jones opens a tiny stationery shop in East Grand Rapids. Anticipating expansion into diverse product lines such as pens or candy, she cleverly brands the store Papers Plus.

1984: Papers Plus introduces a small line of colorful cotton totes produced by a new Indiana company. Mass hysteria and fainting ensue as customers swoon over Vera Bradley.

1990: Margy’s daughter, PK Mason, returns to GR after ten years as west coast landscape architect.  Mother-daughter retail dream team is born. Neiman Marcus shudders.

1995: Customers stalk our UPS driver in search of rare Princess Di beanie babies. Trench-coated man spotted stealing Punches the Lobster. It’s a child’s toy!

2002: Stalwart local department store, Jacobson’s closes. Flustered locals turn to Papers Plus seeking respite.

2004: Store shelves collapsing under weight of burgeoning giftware and tabletop lines. Becoming more about the Plus than the Paper …

2006: Jacobson’s building replaced with new development, featuring anchor tenant Papers Plus. Brides delirious over Juliska, Michael Aram, Simon Pearce, Vietri… definitely more Plus than Paper.

2007: Passing newcomer heard mumbling to friend, “Papers Plus ... is it a scrapbooking store?”

2010: Design staff is added to assist customers with surging sales of home décor. Molly McNamara anointed GR’s ‘it girl’ for interior design.

2011: Newlyweds William and Kate visit America. Kate overheard sighing, “We would have registered here had we known you were so much more than paper!”  The store is immediately re-branded, and Mason Jones is born!